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Difficult Dog

Follow the steps mentioned above and continue doing them for your dog’s entire life. If a person stops following the rules a dog can think you no longer want to be Alpha and they will try to take over your position.

Difficult Dog

Some people have a dog that is difficult to train. This typically stems from the dog naturally wanting to be Alpha. They would prefer to lead rather than follow. If this is the case there are several things that can be done to help out. These dogs can be a lot of fun as they are very smart.  These are dogs where you will need to follow the rules with them closely and consistently their whole lives otherwise problems can creep in again.

Common Problems:

  1. Aggression to you or other people or other animals.
  2. Marking territory in the house - they want to pee on furniture, doors, walls, beds, etc.
  3. Destroying items in the house - they may claim your items as their own and destroy valuable items.
  4. Reacting or aggressive on walks when coming across other dogs, people or other distractions.
  5. Not coming when called, especially when distracted.

There are several things covered in this video that will help out tremendously and they include:

  1. Pack Structure - Very important to always follow these rules.
  2. Distraction Training - A lot of time will be spent doing this. You will want to set aside several hour chunks of time to work on what is distracting your dog.
  3. Energy Spectrum - Exercise your dog first prior to training. This is one of the reasons why you need several hour chunks of time to accomplish what you want.
  4. Follow Through - You must always make the dog follow through on what you tell them. If you can’t, then you don’t want to give the command until you can make them follow through.
  5. Consequence - Quite often these dogs need a consequence for doing the Negative Behaviour so the Positive Behaviour you want them to do instead seems more fun and exciting. If you are able to build strong drive for fetch, tug or other games then you may not need a consequence. Otherwise many of these dogs will need a consequence to reach your training goals.