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Distance Commands

It is a good idea to train your dog to understand their commands from a distance. This is quite easy to achieve:

  1. Tie your dog up
  2. Practice one step away
  3. Practice two steps away
  4. Practice three steps away etc.
  5. Unhook your dog as they get the idea
  6. Repeat these steps outside and in heavier distractions (dog will need to be tied up again for this stage in heavier distractions - with light distractions you may be ok)

Distance Commands Outside Tied

Once you have trained your dog distance commands inside you can then begin outside with them tied.

  1. Start outside with no distractions in an area they are familiar with.
  2. Increase distance as your dog gets better (however sometimes we go much further than the dog understands and work our way back toward the dog). If they are motivated for their kibble they will try to figure a way to get it faster thus speeding up training.
  3. Practice for a week or two with the dog tied all the while increasing distractions.
  4. Practice without being tied up. It shows quickly in this video but this dog was actually tied for 2 weeks of training when she first went through this. This video helps demonstrate the steps. The previous video gives a much clearer idea of the process.