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Fetch Video 1 - Building Drive

Start with a special fetch ball and make it look like prey. Your goal is to get the dog’s interest in going after the ball. Have them on a Long Line so they cannot get away.

Always leave the dog wanting more.

Fetch Video 2 - Building Drive Ball Bounce

Bounce the fetch ball off the wall. Try to keep it away from the dog. This makes the ball fast moving and fun to go after. Praise the dog when they capture the ball. Then get it back and bounce some more. Put the dog on a leash if you cannot catch them once they capture the ball.

Fetch Video 3 - Building Drive Ball on a Rope

Tie a rope to a ball and play fetch outside. You can control the ball this way and make it move more like prey to keep a dog’s interest.

As always, end the game before the dog wants to end the game.

Fetch Video 4 - Advanced Fetch

Make sure your dog has an extremely strong drive for fetch before you place any rules on fetch. If you put too many rules on it too soon you can turn your dog off of fetch. I made sure Delta had strong drive for fetch for 5 months before placing any rules on the game.