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Explanation on the steps used for training Heel.

Demonstration with a person as the dog.

Demonstration outside with three different dogs.  

  1. 5 yr old Husky / Coyote with training.
  2. 4 month GSD puppy with no training.
  3. 1.5 yr old Black Lab no training.

Leash Manners

If your dog pulls like crazy on leash then you will need to do this step first. It will teach them not to pull on leash, then you can start your heel training.

To see a demo with a dog see the video “Leash Manners in Parking Lot”.

Leash Manners in Parking Lot

This video shows you what it actually looks like when you first go to a parking lot to train your dog. They will most likely be all over the place. These are the steps you will need to take to get them on the right track.

Since this video is so long I have listed key time frames where there are things worth noticing in the video, if you choose to skip through some of the repetition.

To skip to the times listed you will need to look at the actual video time (not the training clock in the bottom right hand corner of the video).

Key Time Frames:

4 min 52 sec -   Cali walks half decent for the first time since we got to the parking lot
7 min 21 sec -   First blocking step where I step in front of Cali to keep her a half step behind
8 min 3 sec -     Second video clip, we begin walking around a vehicle to help keep Cali in position
8 min 54 sec -   Attempt at spanning 2 vehicles but it doesn’t work out so we go back to one vehicle
9 min 28 sec -   Spanning between 2 vehicles
11 min 28 sec - Third video clip, going to practice in open parking lot space
13 min 5 sec -   Moving towards middle of parking lot
13 min 34 sec - Fourth video clip, moving towards front of parking lot
14 min 45 sec - Fifth video clip, switched to flat buckle collar (from anti-pull harness)
15 min 11 sec - First slow step introduced, response noticed
15 min 28 sec - Second slow step, response noticed
15 min 39 sec - Third slow step, response noticed
16 min           - Walking on sidewalk at the front of the store
16 min 21 sec - Sixth video clip, doing straight line runs to the back of the parking lot
16 min 33 sec - Tyson commentary

Demonstration with three different dogs.  

  1. 5 yr old Husky / Coyote with training.
  2. 1.5 yr old Black Lab no training.
  3. 4 month GSD puppy with no training.

Off-Leash Heel

Heel on the right or left side a half step behind.

Prerequisites to Off-Leash Heel:

  1. Pack Structure - Dog sees you as Alpha.
  2. Bond - Dog likes being with you.
  3. Distraction Training - Super Proofed to high levels.
  4. Heel - Super Proofed to high levels.