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Explanation on the steps for training recall with the Long Line:

  1. Hold up
  2. This way
  3. Come

Remote Training Collar Explanation for Recall

If you require the remote training collar, these are the steps to using it properly without hurting the dog.

Recall Demonstration with a Dog.

These are the steps you take first when using a Long Line to teach recall commands.  This must be done prior to using a remote training collar if you are planning to do so.  With long enough practice with the Long Line you can achieve quite good results (80-90% on average - those squirrels and rabbits can still be pretty tempting).

Remote Collar Introduction

Should you find yourself needing a remote training collar to proof up your dogs recall, this is how to do it properly. This is a Dogtra 1900NCP remote. I now prefer to use the Dogtra IQ because it is smaller and lighter.

The reason you would need to use this is if you cannot make yourself the most fun and exciting thing outside or maybe you have a breed of dog that was not bred to work with people or have a high desire to please.

Test the remote on your neck first so you understand what your dog will be going through. At low levels, it does not hurt, it merely twitches a muscle in your neck. If you really crank it up it will feel like a pinch or a sting which is not the level you want to be at.

Proper Fit:

The collar should be put on so it is snug and you can fit one finger underneath. Let the dog run around for a minute or two and then check it again. Often you need to cinch it up another notch or two. The collar should be either on the left or the right of the dogs neck (not in the centre by the wind pipe). If you do not have a snug fit it will not make contact and you run the risk of turning the collar up too high (the dog still wouldn’t feel it). However if the dog does a shake or moves another direction it could then make contact and when you press the button it could be far too high. This is why I want you to test it on yourself first prior to putting it on your dog. Put it in several different places on your neck and press the button at the same level (it will feel different depending on where it is placed on your neck - one spot you may feel nothing, another will feel like a muscle twitch and one may feel like a pinch). The reason for placing it on the side of the dog’s neck is that there is a large muscle there so it can be twitched. If there is no muscle then it tends to feel more like a pinch which is not what you want.

Long Line Explanation

0 min - Safety

1:38 min - Handling the rope

5:39 min - Commands

8:55 min - Common mistakes

12:52 min - Harness

14:08 min - Harness placement on dog

15:39 min - Dog Demo

16:43 min - Summary