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This is the most basic version of tracking to get you started having fun with your dog. There are a few things that are required first:

  1. Strong ball drive - see notes and videos on Fetch to build your dog’s drive for their ball.
  2. Hide ball in house - you will use the same technique in this video except that you will hide the ball in your house just out of sight in another room.
  3. Hide ball outside - start off with somewhere close and easy and then work your way up in difficulty. To start I ensure the dog can see the direction I took the ball. In this video you will see that Delta is in the house while I am hiding the ball so she does not know where it went.

Tracking People

The first track you will do with a person is to have them walk out of sight with the dog’s ball where the dog can see them leaving. Then tell the dog to go find them.

This video is a few steps past that point where we are doing longer tracks with a few more turns.

This is Delta’s first official track with a person hiding further than 100 meters away.

You will get to see the common mistakes and how to overcome them. It is quite amazing to watch a dog follow a track. The dog gets better with practice. Tracking is a perishable skill. If you don’t practice it the dog’s skill level will decline just like obedience training.