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Core Rules:

  1. Positive / Negative / Distractions
  2. A to B Rule
  3. Premack Principle
  4. Training Every Second
  5. Energy Spectrum (Hyper vs Tired)
  6. Training Phase vs Management Phase

Have a problem with your dog and not sure what to do? This has happened to me a lot. In order to come up with a solution we developed the Core Rules we use. This video will explain how to break a problem behaviour down into easy steps to follow. This video doesn’t tell you exactly what you should do, it teaches you how to problem solve for yourself.

You can get very creative in training a dog. Anything you hear or read from anywhere will all apply under these rules. This will help you decide what to use and where. Or if you come across an issue and you have tried techniques that worked for other people but don’t work for you (this has happened a lot for me) then you can find your own way based on what you know about your dog to solve this behavioural issue.

If you do come across a new technique you invented, please share it so we can teach your findings to others. I still come across clients who used a technique they made up that worked great and it works well for others too.