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We Can Train Any Dog

Every dog is different and require different techniques to be trained.  If you are frustrated and think you have tried everything then give us a call.


Train the FUN Way! We incorporate your dogs favourite games and drives into the training wherever we can. Home

Our Offer To YOU!

Have a Problem? Consider it SOLVED

We have dealt with almost every problem imaginable and no dog is too much or too little for us to work with.

We will help you until your problem is rectified for one price with no additional fees.

On A Budget?

We can either help with online training programs or payment plans to suit your needs.

Call 403-224-2224 for more details or email:

Online Training Program

For anyone who prefers online learning at their own leisure or those on a budget the online training program offers something for both of these situations. Not only does this training include the theory and information anyone needs to be able to train their dog it also includes instructional videos to help you with all of the hands-on skills. There is an extensive library of videos and notes included with every program.