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There are many different forms of aggression and the most common are:

  1. Dog Aggression
  2. Food Aggression
  3. Fear Aggression
  4. Possession Aggression
  5. Human Aggression

Dogs can have aggression for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes the aggression can be from lack of socialization.  Other times aggression can come from a bad experience in which the dog has learned to control the situation using aggression which is typically how fearful dogs become aggressive.  In more rare cases aggression can be a result of inadequate pack structure.

When dealing with any form of aggression you should consult a professional dog trainer.  There are many small foundations that need to be addressed first before your aggression problem will go away.

Quite frequently people underestimate the level of aggression and end up with costly vet bills from their dog lashing out and hurting another dog or worse case scenario with a law suit.

Many aggression problems begin at the dog park.  Unfortunately there are a few rude dogs out there that do not know how to behave.  Ask almost any trainer who understands dog behaviour if they frequent a dog park, they will tell you they either avoid them altogether or go at low traffic times.

No matter how good your dog is, you still do not want to expose them to dogs that are bullies and who want to fight your dog.

You will find that you can become a very effective leader and keep your dog away from bad situations.  When dealing with any form of aggression you need to address pack structure and almost always proof up obedience.  Many dogs with aggression typically do not have any rules and frequently jump on people, become over excited and pull hard on leash.

If your dog is experiencing or showing signs of aggression, contact us immediately.

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