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Home Problem Behaviours

Problem behaviours are generally things that are natural dog behaviours and we either don’t want them or want less of them.  Sometimes the best thing to do is not to get rid of them but to focus them instead.  What do I mean by that?

If your dog likes to chase cars, bikes, squirrels, rabbits, etc. then that falls into high prey drive.  Instead of trying to get rid of it we can focus it into games for you to play with your dog.

Maybe your dog really loves to pull on leash.  We can show you the fastest and easiest way to train a dog to loose leash heel but we can also show you some fun dog sports that involve pulling such as dog scootering or skijoring as a couple of examples.

Potty Training is usually a problem that people want to have dealt with as soon as possible as it tends to get expensive and messy with carpets and other household items.  Potty accidents can happen for a number of different reasons and we can show you what the direct cause is with your dog so you can get that under control as quickly as possible.

Jumping can get to be very annoying and unwanted especially with bigger dogs.  Small dogs tend to get away with it more easily.  We can focus jumping into certain dog sports as well if your dog just really likes to jump. At the same time we can teach them not to jump on people.

Barking is a natural dog behaviour that can be essential some times and other times it can cause fines from condo boards or complaints from neighbours.  Excessive barking can be controlled in a way that we can set out when it is appropriate for the dog to bark and when it isn’t.  That way everyone can be happy.