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We Can Train Any Dog

Recall is an important trait for many dog owners.  If you happen to be one of the people at the off-leash park and you are frequently seen saying “Rover come, Rover come, Rover come, come Rover, let’s go Rover”, while your dog continues to ignore you then you could benefit from a Calgary Dog Trainer.

Many people go about teaching their dog recall the exact opposite of how a dog should be taught recall.  First of all many people face their dog and call them and then walk closer and call their dog again.  To a dog this means you are following them, not they should be following you.  Secondly when it comes to recall many people never take the time to practice recall or teach their dog what “come” actually means.  Some people do take the time to teach their dog “come” at home or in the backyard and then think they will understand recall in all environments and distractions and are surprised when they take them off-leash at the park and their dog doesn’t listen to them.

If you have managed to become one of the people who have trained their dog to not only ignore you when you call your dog but your dog runs away from you and wants you to chase them then you definitely will want to give us a call.  Don’t worry if you have trained your dog to do this because it is very easy to unintentionally train your dog to not come when called.  Humans as a primate species communicate much differently then dogs.  Once you learn to speak their language then everything will come together for you.

There are certain levels of recall you can obtain such as good recall without any distractions, recall with normal distractions or recall with intense distractions such as rabbits and other dogs.  Each level you want to achieve requires controlled practice, emphasis on controlled.

Again don’t worry if your dog doesn’t come when called.  Even expert dog trainers started out with the same problem.  This is often the start of many dog training careers is the desire to learn how to have reliable recall. The first dog I had wouldn’t come worth a darn, now that isn’t the case anymore.

Let me show you some of the most fun, easy and effective ways to teach your dog to come when called. You can have reliable recall in whatever distraction you choose.

Recall / Come When Called